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Street Scenes

With hundreds of streets in Crystal Lake, we thought it would be interesting to learn how many of them came to be named. Check back often, as we will be continually adding new Street Scenes articles.

Click on the Street name tab to learn more about the origins of its name.

Barlina Road

Beardsley Street

Brink Street  - Bonus!  Transcription of 1899 Milwaukee Sentinel interview with John Brink.  Click here to read.

Caroline Street

Cowlin Street

Crandall Avenue

Dole Avenue

Dolle Court

Ellsworth Street

Gates Street

Lill Avenue

Paddock Street

Peterson Parkway

Pierson Street

Pomeroy Avenue

Ringling Road

Rockland Road

Rosedale Avenue

Rosenthal Drive

Teckler Boulevard

Walkup Avenue


Eliminate the Duplicates