Online Versions of Society Presentations

City Centennial

In 2014, the City of Crystal Lake hosted a year-long Centennial Celebration.  During the year, a monthly speaker series was presented covering various topics relating to Crystal Lake's history.  Click here to view some of the programs.  Eventually, all of the programs will be uploaded and available for viewing.  Enjoy!

Summer Sundays - Farming & Household Chores

On July 18, 2010 the Crystal Lake Historical Society hosted one of its Summer Sundays events.  The theme this month was "Down on the Farm: Farming and Household Chores"

The following are videos of some of the demonstrations:



Washing the Clothes


Sewing and Mending

Corn Processing

Wheat Harvesting

The 1965 Palm Sunday Tornado

Originally scheduled as one single presentation for April 11, 2010 at the Crystal Lake Public Library, demand for the program exceeded the space available.  Two additional presentations were added, and there STILL was a long waiting list!  The third and final presentation was videotaped in order to share its content through this website.  Additional photos, slides, movies, etc. continue to be donated to the Society.  If you have items to donate, please contact us at : . With future donations of materials, we anticipate the 50th anniversary program (2015) to be bigger and better (and hosted in a larger venue). 

Program Overview: Crystal Lake Historical Society president, Diana Kenney presents a look back at the deadly Palm Sunday tornado which devastated Crystal Lake 45 years ago.  Program features over 175  photos, slides, videos, and interviews relating to the devastation, rebuilding, and survivors.

Click below to view the presentation.  Due to its length, we are required to split the program up into sections.

Part 1 - 1st 10 minutes

Part 2 - 10-20 minute section

Part 3 - 20-30 minute section

Part 4 - 30-40 minute section

Part 5 - 40-50 minute section

Part 6 - 50-60 minute section

Part 7 - 60-70 minute section

Part 8 - 70-end section

"Murder & Mayhem in and Around Crystal Lake"

This program was presented by Craig Pfannkuche at the Society's 2010 Annual Meeting.  Over 180 people showed up to hear Craig's talk -- and now we'd like to increase his audience through this website.  This is an audio-only program.  Click below to listen to Craig Pfannkuche's program entitled "Murder & Mayhem in and Around Crystal Lake."  Due to its length, we are required to split the audio into sections.

Part 1  - 1st 10 minutes

Part 2 - 10-20 minute section

Part 3 - 20-30 minute section

Part 4 - 30-41 minute section

Part 5 - 41-50 minute section

Part 6 - 50-57 minute sectoni

Part 7 - 57-61 minute section