Sports Teams

The Society has an extensive collection of various sports teams.  We thought it would be fun to share a few of these on the website. 

Not every player has been identified, so if you can help identify any of the missing names, please email the Society at:


1937 Crystal Lake Junior High School Basketball Team - Champs

Front Row: Darwin Spangard, Bob Tipps, Hank Eibisch, Bob Pinnow. 2nd Row: Horace Schwalger, Wayne Tipps, Richard "Hockey" Landis, Don Fortin, (?), Clayton Pingry.  3rd Row: (?), ? Ross, George Schauble, Jerry Kirchberg, Bob Cowan, Walt Herrick, Coach Leon Lundahl.  4th Row: Jack Smith, ? Pfeiffer, Red McClausman.

1938 Crystal Lake Junior High School Basketball Team

Front Row: Bob Cowan, Jerry Kirchberg, Hank Eibisch, Bob Pinnow, Darwin Spangard.       2nd Row: Coach Leon Lundahl, (?), Jack Smith, Horace Schwalger, George Pfeiffer, Bob Tipps