Online Store

Dear Valued Supporter,

In the past few months, we have been experiencing difficulties with our vendor's new online store/shopping cart program.  We have found it to be confusing and not user-friendly. 

Rather than pay for a program that doesn't work well for our supporters, we have chosen to provide direct links to the Society's Paypal account through this page.  Paypal is a well-known, safe and secure payment option. By using Paypal, you will have a choice to pay for your purchase with either a major credit card OR with a Paypal account.

We have enhanced this page by adding payment tabs with information on standard purchases (Memberships, Postcard Book, Calendars).

If you wish to make another type of payment/purchase, please use, the following link. You will be offered the flexibility of choosing the payment amount.  During the Paypal checkout process, you will be given an opportunity to provide special instructions such as...."Donation in honor of....", etc. 

The Crystal Lake Historical Society appreciates your support.  Funds will be used to preserve and safeguard our community's rich history.