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Can You Identify

Can You Identify

The Society receives numerous photographic donations each year. Often, the individuals in the photos are not identified–which really is a shame. We’re asking visitors to this page to review the photos — show it to your parents or other friends and relatives (who may not be online) — check to see if one of your relatives or friends is in the photo — help us to identify some (or all) of the individuals shown. You will be doing your part in helping to preserve our local history! Thanks! Please email us with the photo name and person(s) identified.

Crystal Lake Baseball Team (1940s?) Bat boy: (unknown); Front Row: (?), (?), Fred Tipps, Hank Eibisch, (?), (?), (?) ; Back Row: (all unknown). (donated by the estate of Hank Eibisch)
Crystal Lake Babe Ruth League – 1960s Front Row: (?), Jim Henry, Ron Krueger, Randy Anderson, Don Krueger, (?), Rodney Sterne.  2nd Row: Les Pennington, Tony Schepers, Rick Reimer, (?), (?) Back Row (Men): Frank Repp, Dave Longaker, (?), Hank Eibisch (donated by estate of Hank Eibisch)


Front Row: Gerald Wilhelmi, Jim Maronde, Skip Schneider, Chuck Scudder, Jeff Lembkey, Mike Hayes, (?), (?) Back Row: (?), Bud Nystrom, Orv Bobek, Duane Heaton, (?), Doug Rasmussen, Charlie Green, Steve Martell, Tom Swett


Crystal Lake Junior High Basketball team (early 1940s??). Man in suit is Leon Lundahl. (donated by estate of Hank Eibisch)