The second edition of the popular two-volume set on Swedenberg is now available to order!  It tells the story of Crystal Lake’s Swedish community and the Swedish emigrants who settled there.  The revised second edition includes over 45 additional emigrants and over 180 additional vintage photos with new information throughout.

Pickup location will be the Colonel Palmer House. We will contact you as soon as books are available (Spring 2021).
Orders must be received by February 28,2021!

  • Details about Swedenberg Second Edition (updates are in bold)

    • A 2-volume hard-bound set
    •  Over 1300 pages (acid-free), fully indexed
    • 1180+ vintage photos
    • Helpful maps
    • Cost $100 (pickup price). Cost $120 (shipped price)


    • Exact birth locations for over 550 Swedish emigrants
    • The Swedish immigration experience
    • The story behind Swedish names
    • Timeline of Swedes in Crystal Lake history
    • A detailed look at the “Heart of Swedenberg”
    • The story of their work: at farming; in factories (Pickling, Ice Harvesting, American Terra Cotta Co., and Oak Mfg. Co.); and entrepreneurial businesses
    • How Swedes helped build Crystal Lake
    • History of Crystal Lake’s two Swedish churches
    • History of the two Viking Lodges: Thyrfing #34 and Majblomman #46
    • The story of Swedenberg in WWI
    • The “Genealogy of Swedenberg”: how over 360 Swedish emigrants in Crystal Lake are connected
    • The illustrated life stories of over 550 Swedish emigrants